Weapons - Nunchakus, Bo Staffs and More! Learn an Impressive Display of Skill!

Kobudo describes the ancient weapons training of the Ryukyu Islands of Okinawa. As fierce warriors, they trained in and influenced powerful martial arts traditions. In these exciting classes, you'll discover their techniques for handling: Bo Staffs, Nunchakus, Sai, Tonfa, Kama, Eku, and more. Never heard of those? Don't worry - we'll teach you all about them in class!

And Our Weapons classes Are Tons Of Fun

For good health and high fitness, choose our Weapons classes. It is not only about using the sword but also body and mind coordination as well as mastering the art of anticipating the next move of your opponent while being ready to defend it with dexterity. The footwork involved in Weapons offers a superior form of fitness drills that are good for improving one's focus and overall health. If you want to wield a sword and have a passion for staying fit, our Weapons classes have everything to offer, right from total body fitness to perfecting the most complex moves of Weapons. You will get to learn this combat and fitness sport form from our most efficient and experienced instructors.